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what the history of protective mask?

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The development and popularity of modern protective masks are closely related to air pollution, pollen, and the spread of disease.Do you know about the history of protective mask?


This article contains the following:

  • Classification

  • History of protective mask

  • Precautions



N series: No time limit for protection of non-oily suspended particles

R series: protection of non-oily suspended particles and sweaty suspended particles for eight hours

P series: protection against non-oily suspended particles and sweaty suspended particles without time limit

When the carrier of some particulate matter is oily, and these substances are attached to the electrostatic non-woven fabric, it will reduce the electrical property and allow the fine dust to penetrate. Purpose of dust. So each series is divided into 3 levels: 95%, 99%, 99.97% (ie 95, 99, 100 for short), so there are 9 categories of filter media.

History of protective mask

China was the first to use a protective mask in the world. In ancient times, people in the court began to cover their noses and noses with silk scarves in order to prevent dust and breath pollution.

In the early 13th century, protective masks only appeared in the Chinese court. To prevent the breath from reaching the emperor's food, the waiter made a mask made of silk and gold threads.

At the end of the 19th century, protective masks began to be used in the field of medical care. German pathologist Leidge begins recommending medical staff to use gauze wraps to prevent bacterial infections.

At the beginning of the 20th century, protective masks became the must-have items of public life for the first time. The Spanish flu that has swept the world has claimed about 50 million lives, and the general population has been required to wear masks to fight the virus.

In the middle and late 20th century, the large-scale use of protective masks was significantly frequent. In history, masks have played several important roles in preventing and blocking the spread of germs in the major influenza flu.

In 1897, the German Medech introduced a method for covering mouth and nose with gauze to prevent bacterial invasion. Later, someone made a six-layer gauze mask and sewed it on the collar. Just turn it over and cover your nose and mouth. However, it has been extremely inconvenient to press and hold this mask.

Later, someone came up with a strap on the ear, which became a protective mask that people often use today.

In 1910, a plague broke out in Harbin. At the time, Dr. Wu Liande, the deputy supervisor of the Beiyang Army Medical College, invented the "wood-style masks."

In 2003, the use and popularity of masks reached a new climax. A SARS caused masks to be sold out for a time. There were long lines in front of major drug stores, and people rushed to buy masks.

In 2009, following the "bird flu" in 2004, the "Avian H1N1 Influenza" made protective masks once again appear in front of the cameras of major news media around the world.

The emergence of the PM2.5 air hazard concept in 2013 caused public attention to the problem of air pollution, making protective equipment such as protective masks very popular during haze weather.



People with heart or respiratory problems (such as asthma emphysema), pregnancy, dizziness after wearing, difficulty breathing, and sensitive skin are not suitable for wearing protective masks.


The article is about the history of the protective masks.If you have and demand of protective masks,please contact Vench.

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