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  • Q Does active carbon mask have better effect in filtering particles?

    A Active carbon mask can not be used for filtering particles. Because main function of it is to reduce the odor of organic and acid gases in the environment. Customers shall choose mask types according to their needs.
  • Q What are coveralls used for?

    Overalls must be of a suitable design and material to protect people from a given hazard. For example, overalls to protect from sparks and hot particles should be made of a flame-resistant (FR) fabric and should not have wrist or leg turn-ups that could catch sparks. In addition to FR fabrics, manufacturers specialise in developing a range of textiles with relevant properties to protect from various hazards, such as anti-microbial textiles for use in healthcare and food preparation, or a combination of flame retardant fabric with high visual properties for people working with sparks who also need to be seen – for people working on a rail infrastructure, for example.
  • Q Do all respirators share one same shelf-life?

    No, not all respirators have the same shelf life. In making shelf life determinations, we takes into account the filter media as well as the components of the respirator. Components vary from model to model. 
  • Q What is the purpose of wearing isolation gown/surgical gown?

    A Medical gown is intended to protect health care personnel and patients from the transfer of micro-organisms and particulate material.
  • Q Is the fit of an isolation gown very important?

    A Yes, the fit of a medical gown is very important. If a medical gown does not fit properly. It can be hazardous for various reasons:
    When the isolation gown is too large in size, a tripping hazard may happens to the wearer. If there is excess exposed skin around the neck opening, you can tell it is too large.
    When a gown is too small for the user, they will not be properly protected. A gown that is too tight inhibits the user from moving freely, as well as presents risks of being exposed to harmful contaminants.
  • Q If the respirator is not marked with shelf life information, how shall I determine the age of the respirator?

    For respirators that are not labeled with shelf life information, the date of manufacture can be determined from the label or printed information located on the primary box as well as the shipper case or corrugated box. 
  • Q Does your company have any quality management system such as ISO, EN or CE certificate(s)? 

    Vench Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a fast growing company, specialized in manufacturing disposable medical products and personal protection products.
    Our company has implemented a strict quality management system (QMS) and has passed ISO13485 certification. Our main products have passed CE certification of European Union (EU) and FDA registration of USA. 
  • Q Can I have a sample first ?

    A Of course! Sample are available and free.
  • Q What is the minimum order quantity and value required by you?

    A We have a high flexible production system that enables us to offer products with no restrictions of minimum order quantity. Howerer, the per unit pricing for lower quantities would be higher than the per unit price for larger quantities.
  • Q Which is mostly used in cleanrooms, hairnet or bouffant cap?

    Disposable hairnets including superfine nylon “Stockinet” mesh and heavyweight nylon 1/16” hole mesh are a more breathable option than bouffant caps when hair restraint is necessary but particles are not a concern.
    So hairnets are not generally used within cleanrooms, while bouffant caps are


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