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Different types of syringe

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The syringe consists of a cylindrical barrel, a tightly fitted plunger and a needle, which will be mounted on the needle. It is usually used to inject drugs or other liquids into the patient's system. Larger syringes are suitable for wound irrigation and intravenous injection management. Even if we are not in the medical field, this kind of basic knowledge is useful in our daily lives. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 90% of medical syringes are used to administer drugs, 5% are used for vaccination, and 5% are used for other purposes, such as blood transfusion.


Here is the content list:

Classification of syringes

Insulin syringe and tuberculin syringe

Plastic syringe


Classification of syringes

Based on the syringe tip, it is classified as a Luer-Lok syringe or a Non-Luer-Lok syringe. The Luer-Lok syringe has a needle tip, so a needle that can be twisted and locked into this position can be installed in these needles, while a non-Luer-Lok needle needs to be able to press the needle against the needle without twisting it into place.Syringes come in many sizes, ranging from 0.5 ml to 60 ml. Medicines for intravenous injection and wound irrigation require larger one.


Insulin and tuberculin syringe

Insulin syringes are small in size and can hold 0.3 to 1 ml of medicine. Calibration exists in units of up to 100 units. Self-medicine and subcutaneous injection with an insulin syringe. Tuberculin syringes are used for tuberculosis detection, and the calibration unit is millimeters. It can hold up to 1ml of medicine directly injected into the patient's skin. It has a long and slender needle tube with a pre-connected needle for tuberculosis detection.


Plastic syringe

With the continuous development of medical technology, the syringe barrel is initially made of glass. Usually the syringe will have a scale printed on the sleeve. The glass syringe is mainly sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, and the plastic syringe is mainly made of a push rod, It is composed of a pipe sleeve, piston, positioning ring and protective cap. Plastic syringes are mainly sterilized by ethylene oxide and other methods. The cost of plastic syringes is lower than that of glass syringes. Plastic syringes can reduce the risk of disease transmission. Now the main material of syringes is plastic. In recent years, the development speed of the industry in the country has been further accelerated, and the number of product exports has also continued to increase. The syringes have continued to be self-sufficient and capable of exporting products and sold to countries around the world.


A syringe is nothing more than a tube with an opening with a piston for sucking and ejecting liquid in a thin stream, and then using it for body cavities or cleaning wounds, or it is equipped with a hollow needle to inject or withdraw liquid. Vench’s product range has expanded from ordinary disposable masks, hats, dresses, work clothes, and shoe covers to more medical safety products, such as medical cotton cloths, medical bandages, medical tapes, swabs, etc.

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