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VENCH MEDICAL is committed to providing worldwide customers a safer,healthier experience. Our choice of material depends on the environment and application where your clothing will be used.

Polypropylene - Spunbound Polypropylene is a light weight economical material that offers protection against non-hazardous, dirty environments. Polypropylene is ideally suited for minimal protection applications and has a low hold-out level and minimal fluid resistance.

PE Coated Polypropylene
PE Coated Polypropylene is made of spunbound polypropylene with a polyethylene coating. PE Coated Polypropylene Isolation gowns have an excellent fluid resistance and good holdout protection for dry particulates. PE Coated Polypropylene Isolation gowns are disposable gowns that also have good tear and puncture resistance.

Spunbound MeltBlown Synthetic makes SMS a unique trilaminate material that offers breathability, fluid resistance, and good hold-out for particulates. SMS has good tear and puncture resistance.

Microporous Polypropylene–Microporous Polypropylene is comprised of a microporous film and polypropylene, it is breathable and allows moisture to dissipate while offering durability that does not compromise comfort. Fullstar offers comfort, durability and superior splash protection as a cost effective alternative fabric for nonhazardous environments.
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Vench is  one of leading manufacturers and exporters of broad range of disposable medical products.


Our product range is expanding from normal disposable face mask, cap, gown, coverall, shoe cover to more various medical & safety products, such as medical cotton,medical bandage,medical…

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