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Why to use syringe?

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Syringes are becoming increasingly common in the medical industry. This is not only because of the need to streamline the workload but also to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases. Syringes for medicine injection are also relatively inexpensive and easy to mass produce, allowing for a higher level of accessibility. If you have traveled anywhere near a medical facility, there is a good chance that you have come into contact with, or at least seen, a disposable syringe.


Here is the content list:

l  A syringe can deliver drugs directly into the body

l  Promote accurate results

l  Simplify complex operations


A syringe can deliver drugs directly into the body

In 1665, Johann Sigismund Elsholtz, physician to the European principality of Brandenburg, mentioned in his book The New Method and Method of Ingorging Medicine that the stem of the pointed plumage used by Wren was like a hollow needle. There is no doubt that Wren pioneered intravenous therapy. Unfortunately, Wren's invention has not been widely used in clinical practice. The original intravenous operation lacked aseptic technology and the drug itself could not achieve the purity and purity required today, so the invention was "aborted". Now, in order to relieve the psychological pressure of needle fear and pain of diabetic patients and reduce the pain when they inject insulin, scientists and medical workers have invented a needle free syringe using the principle of pressure jet to complete the subcutaneous injection of medicine liquid.


Promote accurate results

The pre-analysis stage of blood sample collection and laboratory value determination refers to all processes from ordering a test to analyzing the sample. At this stage, there are several considerations. It is true that nurses cannot control all pre-analysis risks and concerns, but there are many things you can do to minimize laboratory erroneous results and help reduce the possibility of redrawing blood. After the results are obtained, it is necessary to ensure that the provider communicates the meaning of the patient. As hospitals and other care centers decentralize ancillary services, nurses are increasingly required to use needle free syringe. Transition and home care nurses often perform syringe phlebotomy but rarely receive an adequate education. Procedural errors in the pre-analysis stage are the main cause of inaccurate laboratory results. Incorrect laboratory results result in the need for additional blood draws or improper treatment. However, there is almost no room for adding more syringe skills in nursing courses. This makes bloodletting a subject of continuing education. Before being asked to draw blood, take the initiative to educate yourself on appropriate bloodletting techniques, syringes and other equipment.


Simplify complex operations

Any part of the skin that has been recently burned or injured may be painful for the patient, and the risk of infection will increase. Areas that heal after injury (including tattoos) may have obvious scar tissue and poor blood circulation, which may lead to erroneous results. Tattoos can also hide potential bruises or hematomas, and usually patients do not want to use a syringe to draw blood on the tattoo. Frequent blood draws, intravenous drug use, or frequent intravenous placement can cause vein damage to become hard and difficult to puncture. Clearance of lymph nodes or lymphatic circulatory disorders will not only lead to an imbalance of blood components, but also increase the risk of infection and lymphedema in patients. syringe venipuncture on the side of the patient's mastectomy is the last option.


Various types of syringes are available to determine their usage and other variables about how they should be used. There are many advantages to using disposable medical syringes, making them easy to purchase and available for the entire facility.

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