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TYPE 5&6


Protection against solid particles


Type 5: Particle-tight protective suits according to EN 13982.


Protection against light mist spray


Type 6: Limited spray protective suits according to EN 13034.


Type 5/6 coverall has been developed to provide a great balance of protection and comfort. It uses a polyethylene non-woven fabric to offer durable yet lightweight protection against liquid chemical splash and solid particulates.
It’s also highly breathable, allowing air and moisture vapour to escape through the fibre so that you remain cool when working.

Protective CE Category 3 Type 5/6 hooded disposable coveralls providing maximum levels of protection without compromising comfort.
Our Cat 3 Type 5/6 protective disposable coveralls are available in both Micro-porous (High Protection) and SMS material offering maximum protection whilst keeping you cool.

• Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles to help form a seal around exposed areas
• Stitched external seams in yellow for visual identification and differentiation
• Offers partial body protection against solid particulate and liquid chemical splash
• Remains permeable to air and moisture vapour
• Protection against radioactive particles
• Soft feel against skin

• Antistatic treatment


Asbestos removal, stripping, clear up or handling -Pharmaceutical manufacturing -Painting & spraying -Industrial manufacturing & maintenance-Mining, wood & metal processing-Electronic assembly & insulation laying

It is recommended that the product be used within a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture/production.

Storage and Disposal
We recommend storage in a dry place away from sources of light, heat and direct sunlight.
Restrictions on the disposal depend solely on the contamination during use. 
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