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TYPE 5&6


Protection against solid particles


Type 5: Particle-tight protective suits according to EN 13982.


Protection against light mist spray


Type 6: Limited spray protective suits according to EN 13034.


Type 5/6 coverall has been developed to provide a great balance of protection and comfort. It uses a polyethylene non-woven fabric to offer durable yet lightweight protection against liquid chemical splash and solid particulates.
It’s also highly breathable, allowing air and moisture vapour to escape through the fibre so that you remain cool when working.

Protective CE Category 3 Type 5/6 hooded disposable coveralls providing maximum levels of protection without compromising comfort.
Our Cat 3 Type 5/6 protective disposable coveralls are available in both Micro-porous (High Protection) and SMS material offering maximum protection whilst keeping you cool.

What is Type 5&6 standard?
Type 5&6 standard is a Europe standard against Disposable coverall. It’s intended to protect against mortal danger or serious
and irreversible injury to health.
Type 5 – Protective performance against solid airborne particulates.
Type 6 – Protective performance against liquid chemicals (whole suit, reduced spray)


Typical Applications:
Clean Room
Food Processing
Forensic Science
Paint Spray


• Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles to help form a seal around exposed areas
• Stitched external seams in yellow for visual identification and differentiation
• Offers partial body protection against solid particulate and liquid chemical splash
• Remains permeable to air and moisture vapour
• Protection against radioactive particles
• Soft feel against skin

• Antistatic treatment


Asbestos removal, stripping, clear up or handling -Pharmaceutical manufacturing -Painting & spraying -Industrial manufacturing & maintenance-Mining, wood & metal processing-Electronic assembly & insulation laying

It is recommended that the product be used within a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture/production.

Storage and Disposal
We recommend storage in a dry place away from sources of light, heat and direct sunlight.
Restrictions on the disposal depend solely on the contamination during use. 


What’s the difference between type 5&6 and disposable microporous material?

The main difference between Type 5&6 and microporous materials lies in their pore size and structure.

Type 5&6 materials are typically non-breathable and provide a barrier against liquid droplets, aerosols, and solid particles. They are commonly used in protective clothing, such as coveralls or gowns, to prevent the penetration of hazardous substances. These materials have a dense structure and do not allow air or moisture to pass through, offering high protection against liquid chemicals and biological hazards.

On the other hand, microporous materials have a porous structure with small pore sizes. They are breathable and allow the passage of air and moisture while blocking liquid and solid particles. Microporous materials are often used in protective clothing, such as disposable lab coats or shoe covers, as these garments offer a balance between protection and comfort. The small pores in the material prevent the entry of liquids and particles while allowing moisture vapor to escape, enhancing wearer comfort and reducing the risk of heat stress.

In summary, Type 5&6 materials provide a high level of protection against liquids and particles but lack breathability, while microporous materials offer breathability while still providing protection against liquids and particles. The choice between these materials depends on the specific requirements of the application, considering factors such as the level of protection needed, comfort, and duration of use.


What’s the different craft of type 5&6 coverall and disposable microporous coverall?

The main difference between Craft of type 5&6 coveralls and disposable microporous coveralls lies in their material construction, durability, and intended use.

Craft of type 5&6 coveralls:
1. Material: Craft of type 5&6 coveralls are usually made of a multi-layered fabric laminate material, which offers protection against liquid chemicals (Type 6) and airborne solid particulates (Type 5). The fabric is typically robust and durable.
2. Durability: These coveralls are designed for multiple uses since they have reinforced seams and stronger materials that are resistant to tearing and abrasion.
3. Protection: They provide a higher level of protection against liquid chemicals and airborne solid particulates, making them suitable for applications where there is a risk of exposure to hazardous substances, such as handling chemicals, asbestos, or paint spraying.
4. Reusability: Craft of type 5&6 coveralls can be washed and reused several times, as long as they are in good condition and not damaged.

Disposable microporous coveralls:
1. Material: Disposable microporous coveralls are constructed from a lightweight and breathable microporous film or non-woven fabric. They have small pores that allow air and moisture vapor to pass through, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.
2. Durability: These coveralls are intended for single-use only and are generally less durable compared to Craft of type 5&6 coveralls. They are not designed for heavy-duty or repeated use.
3. Protection: Disposable microporous coveralls offer limited protection against liquid chemicals and fine particulates. They are suitable for applications where there is a lower risk of exposure, such as non-hazardous dust environments, general maintenance work, or light cleaning tasks.
4. Disposability: These coveralls are designed to be discarded after a single use, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring cleanliness for the next use.

In summary, Craft of type 5&6 coveralls provide higher durability and protection against hazardous substances, making them suitable for applications involving chemicals or particulates. Disposable microporous coveralls are lightweight and breathable, but they offer limited durability and protection, making them suitable for less hazardous environments and single-use applications.


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