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The importance of using syringe

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The syringe is one of the most necessary equipment in medicine, but it didn't come out until the 19th century. Today, medical healthy syringes have become an indispensable tool in hospitals and medical institutions around the world. It makes it possible to inject drugs, vaccines and antibiotics efficiently and quickly. Even if it looked like a simple device, its invention changed the direction of medicine and saved millions of lives.


Here is the content list:

l  To prevent infection

l  Relieve pain

l  Convenient and precise control of medication


To prevent infection

The syringe has the function of preventing reuse. Some syringes have a weak point on the plunger, and once the user tries to pull the plunger back after an injection, the plunger will break. Some syringes have a metal catch to prevent the plunger from being withdrawn. In some syringes, the needle retracts into the barrel after injection. In addition, the provision of a device in the syringe can prevent health workers from being stabbed by the needle and causing infection. After the injection is completed, the needle will automatically wear a sheath or shield to prevent the user from being accidentally punctured by the needle and possibly being infected. WHO urges countries to switch to new syringes by 2020. There are only a few exceptions when the single use sterilized syringe cannot be reused after a single use, which would interfere with the treatment procedure.


Relieve pain

In Europe, people are constantly looking for a way to deliver drugs directly into the body without taking them orally. They have tried to pierce the skin with wooden hooks and scalpels soaked with drugs to deliver the drugs into the body. The failure rate and the possibility of infection can be imagined. It is this demand that led to the birth of needles. In 1656, a pet dog belonging to a friend of the famous British architect Christopher Wren was unfortunately seriously ill. Wren volunteered to act as a doctor after learning about it. He tried to use the dog's bladder as an infusion container, put the morphine solution into the dog's bladder, and then connected a sharpened feather tube to inject the morphine into the vein of the sick dog's foreleg through the feather tube to relieve the pain of the sick dog.


Convenient and precise control of medication

In the initial stage of the development of the new subcutaneous injection, the main function was to give morphine and opiates to patients with neuralgia. At that time, people did not fully understand morphine addiction, and many patients became "addicts" during the treatment. Alexander Wood, a physician in Edinburgh, learned the lesson of over injection and added a precise scale to the syringe. From then on, it is convenient and accurate to control the medication. The details of the syringe have been perfected in history.


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