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When do we need to use syringes?

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Whether it is a child or an adult, every time they face a sharp, chilling needle, they can't help but feel timid. However, if there is a disease that requires injections every day, one shot lasts for many years, would you be afraid? In fact, for diabetic patients who need to rely on insulin to maintain their blood sugar levels, repeated daily syringe injections are just as commonplace.


Here is the content list:

l  Medieval syringes used for enema

l  Used for insulin injection

l  Syringe Removes Cataract


Medieval syringes used for enema

In medieval Europe, for a long time, syringes were used for enemas more often. They believe that enema with various medicines can save severely ill patients, and the enthusiasm of royal families in various countries has also promoted the development of "enema". When the patient has not healed after the doctor bleeds the patient, the doctor will use the enema method. Early enema tools used animal bladder to make a balloon, connected to a tube to inject liquid medicine under pressure. Herbs, coffee, and vinegar are common enema liquids. Subsequently, special syringes for enema appeared, mostly made of copper or glass.


Used for insulin injection

From the invention of the syringe in the Middle Ages to the hollow metal needle for the syringe in the 17th century, to the continuous improvement of the scale, hygiene and safety and other details, so far, it seems that there is only one defect in the syringe-the needle pierced the skin. The pain and fear that it brings to people. Human imagination and creativity are endless, and history develops in a spiral manner. The concept of "a syringe without a needle" has appeared in human minds. In 1966, French scientists put forward the concept of "needle-free syringe" for the first time, and put it into practice after repeated demonstrations, opening the way for imagination to become reality. Only two decades later, in 1992, Germany developed the world's first needle-free high-pressure syringe, which was approved for the treatment of insulin injections.

Needle-free injection does not have the characteristics of a needle, and is especially suitable for patients who have fear of injection and refuse to initiate insulin therapy. Needle-free injection of insulin has a faster onset and faster absorption, and blood sugar control is similar or even better than that with needles.


Syringe Removes Cataract

The first record of the piston syringe was in the Roman period in the 1st century AD, when Aulus Cornelius Celsus (the editor of the Roman Encyclopedia) first mentioned the use in his encyclopedic medical work "Pharmacology" syringe to treat medical complications. In the 9th century AD, Amar Ben Ali Masrilli, a surgeon in present-day Iraq, invented a hollow glass syringe to remove cataracts from the eyes of patients through suction. This seemingly scary treatment continued until the 13th century AD in Europe.


After thousands of years, the syringe seems to go round, from "needleless" to "needle", and finally back to "needleless", but the connotation is a world of difference. Welcome to visit VENCH's website for more related high-pressure syringes information.

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