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Customer Reviews

Joseph Marry   
— Associate Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine

I started using N95 mask from Vench Medical  about 3 years ago. They make our examination of patients more  safety since you don’t need to worry about the pollution . I use them to walking or out door, I believe it quality .

Cherri Thornton
— Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Nevada

Vench Medical  Quality  is the best!!! Never a chance of cross-contamination or infection, Our forensic scientists love their protective suits. it reinforced in chest and forearms areas,it also have a resistance to liquid penetration.

Rhonda Cook
— Physician, Premier Medical Centre, LLC

I am a regular user of Vench Medical  and my patients have not experience any discomfort.  Their price is very competitive, quality assurance, variety Products, very popular with patients.

Patricia Rob
— Chief Medical Officer, Center for Transforming Health

Use with many first time patients whose comfort is important. Provides professional protection,Vench Medical  Is the guardian of our health
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Our product range is expanding from normal disposable face mask, cap, gown, coverall, shoe cover to more various medical & safety products, such as medical cotton,medical bandage,medical…

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