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Why wear protective shoe covers ?

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Although there are many uses for shoe covers, they are most suitable for places with high traffic. This is especially true for medical institutions such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, scientific laboratories and drug testing agencies. Each of these facilities receives tens of thousands of visitors each year, while demanding a high degree of cleanliness.

This article contains the following:

  • What is protective shoe cover?

  • The importance of wearing protective shoe cover

  • Where is the use of protective shoe cover?


What is protective shoe cover?

Protective shoe cover, a foot covering; protective coverings for shoes worn by surgical personnel working in a sterile environment in order to minimize contamination.

The importance of wearing protective shoe cover

Patients, visitors and employees in any medical institution have the potential to spread new pathogens. The medical environment cannot afford this risk. First, unclean shoes can quickly spread infectious diseases, pathogens and particles. This poses a threat to both hospital patients and health care workers. It may also harm the testing environment and learning sites. As a result, effective approaches to reducing the spread of disease throughout the country have become commonplace. That's why we see hand sanitizers at the door of every ward. That's why registered nurses, doctors and other medical professionals always wear latex gloves when they enter a patient's room for the first time. That's why people have to wear blue boots when they walk through the dressing room.

If you work in medical, laboratory, cleanroom, chemical or emergency environments, the hazards you may face are likely to be diverse and complicated. So it will in most cases be efficient to have a system for protection and control that has disposable protective shoe covers available from a dispenser within the clothing area for whenever they are required.

The shoe covers that you use should be approved of according to your workplace rules and procedures, one of which should be that they are never reused, as this will increase  contamination. Furthermore, it is paramount that they are disposed of properly and in line with a strict process.

The use of disposable protective shoe covers helps maintain a sterile environment while eliminating the risk of contamination to the cleanroom and the wearer.

Where is the use of protective shoe cover?

When it comes to medical facilities, medical shoe covers have multiple applications. Here are some examples:clinic,Laboratory,Operating room,Drug Testing Center,CT, X-ray and MRI rooms.

Public areas are a particularly important use. Each of the above use cases usually has some sort of common space. This may be a waiting area for family and friends, or it may be a shared entry point for employees who are dust-free or require the highest cleanliness.

The locker room is where employees and visitors change clothes on the street to clean room-friendly clothing. This includes cover shoes. A useful example is the locker room used by a biopharmaceutical company, or the locker room of a science laboratory.


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