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Functions of syringe

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Syringes can be used to inject medical equipment, containers, such as some scientific instruments in chromatography, through a rubber diaphragm. Injecting gas into a bloodstream can cause an air embolism. Removing air from a syringe can prevent an embolism by turning the syringe upside down, tapping it gently, and then squeezing out a little fluid before it is injected into the bloodstream.


Here is the content list:

Basic functions of the syringe

The role of needles

The design and function of the syringe pump


Basic functions of the syringe

The basic components of a syringe are the needle tube, plunger and needle. The barrel is a tube that is open at one end and tapers into a hollow tip at the other end. The plunger is a piston-shaped rod with a slightly conical top that passes through the inside of the syringe barrel. The tip of the syringe provides a connection point for the needle. The scale line in the syringe indicates the volume of solution in the syringe. The graduation line can be milliliters or fractions of milliliters, depending on the capacity of the syringe. The larger the capacity, the larger the interval between tick marks.


The role of needles

The needle consists of three parts, namely the needle seat, the shaft and the inclined plane. The needle seat is at the end of the needle and is the part that connects to the syringe. The shaft is a slender shaft of a needle, one end is inclined to form a tip. The hollow hole of the needle shaft is called the inner cavity. When preparing the mixture, disposable needles should always be used because they are pre-sterilized and individually packaged to maintain sterility. There are two considerations when choosing needle size; the viscosity of the solution and the nature of the rubber cap on the parental container. Needles with larger lumen should be used for viscous solutions. If the rubber cap can be easily cored, it is better to use a smaller gauge needle. Coring refers to when the needle punctures or tears a piece of the rubber cover, and then the rubber sheet falls into the container and produces particulate matter contamination.


The design and function of the syringe pump

The design of the syringe pump is derived from practical applications. However, all syringe infusion pumps include a motor drive plate and a push rod that ejects liquid from the syringe. Continuous flow can be achieved by using a pump with two syringes, one syringe for injecting the liquid and the other syringe for injecting liquid. In order to obtain higher accuracy and better control, many syringe pumps can now be used for programming. Some syringe pumps can also be connected to a computer to record infusion history. There are other functions related to the syringe pump, such as infusion and withdrawal functions; the syringe pump can accommodate multiple syringes.


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