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The 84th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo

Views: 14     Author: James     Publish Time: 2021-05-20      Origin: Site


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CMEF (full name: China International Medical Equipment Expo) was founded in 1979 and holds two spring and autumn sessions every year. After more than 40 years of innovation and development, it has become the world's leading industry chain covering the entire industry chain, integrating technological innovation, new product launches, business docking, A medical and health technology platform integrating brand communication, academic exchanges, trend insights, education and training. CMEF display content covers medical imaging; medical diagnosis and monitoring; orthopedic, neurological and cardiovascular surgical instruments; radiation, disinfection and sensory control, implantation, rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine, breathing, anesthesia and first aid; smart medical treatment; medical software, consumables, etc. Thousands of product technologies and solutions. The exhibition annually attracts more than 7,000 brand production companies, more than 600 opinion leaders, entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, as well as government and hospital end users, agents, and distributors responsible for procurement from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. 200,000 people from businessmen and others came to visit the site for purchasing and business exchanges.


Following the wave of digitalization, CMEF launched a new iCMEF online space, based on the global medical and health industry, bringing together 4000+ brand companies and 23000+ products, and building an online communication and interaction space across time and space with CMEF, continuing to focus on the medical and health industry People provide platform services in all spaces, all times, and all scenarios.

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