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Why wearing protective shoe covers is important?

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Protective shoe covers belong to the PPE or personal protective equipment category. The World Health Organization states that the use of personal protective equipment creates a physical barrier between microorganisms and the wearer. It provides protection by preventing microbes from contaminating hands, eyes, clothes, hair and shoes. PPE also helps prevent the spread of microbes to other patients and healthcare workers. It is important to remember that personal protective equipment reduces the possibility of infection but does not completely eliminate the risk of infection.


This article contains the following:

  • Why you should wear protective shoe covers?

  • When to wear protective shoe covers?

  • Do other people need to wear protective shoe covers?

  • How to choose protective shoe covers?

Why you should wear protective shoe covers?

There are a variety of jobs that require those who work in them to wear some sort of uniform or safety accessory. Some of the equipment in these jobs makes workers look more professional and some equipment may make people look silly. In the medical field, this is a difficult road when you are busy treating and saving patients' lives, but you must wear protective clothing such as fluffy hats and disposable shoe covers. It's not difficult to figure out why these protective coverings are so important to patients and medical professionals. Disposable shoe covers are essential equipment for some jobs, so in hospitals or other fields, you need a pair of shoe covers.

Why is it important to provide disposable shoe covers in the medical field? Especially in the operating room, protective shoe covers can ensure that doctors and nurses' shoes are free of any harmful contaminants and will not cause any pollution, thereby helping to protect patients. For hospital workers, wearing disposable shoe covers ensures that no harmful viruses or bacteria will be brought out of the operating room. In addition, if there is no protective shoe cover, many shoes are likely to be damaged.


When to wear protective shoe covers?

In the World Health Organization publication "Practical Guide to Controlling Infection in Health Care Institutions," states that disposable protective shoes covers should be used in situations where the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions or excreta may splash, spill or leak onto the hair set. Disposable shoe covers must not be reused and should be discarded according to the regulations of the medical institution.


Do other people need to wear protective shoe covers?

Other industries also use disposable shoe covers. Some factories and industrial jobs require workers to wear them to keep products safe and clean. Catering staff, especially those in hospitals or nursing homes, also need these protective measures.

It's not just professionals who occasionally need to wear disposable protective shoe covers. In many cases, hospital visitors must wear protective equipment to protect their loved ones from outside contamination. As in the case of a cesarean section, the companion of the father or mother must not only wear disposable shoe covers, but also various sterile items such as protective lab coats and protective caps. People who visit a loved one who has a serious illness (such as HIV infection, any problems with the immune system, or even heart problems) should be protected accordingly. In this case, it makes sense to prepare a lot of shoe covers.

How to choose protective shoe covers?

Generally, disposable shoe covers fit all sizes. When ordering protective shoe covers, you must also decide whether to slip or not slip. For tiles and linoleum, non-slip varieties are usually the safest choice. Either way, as long as you have a clean, sterile disposable shoe cover available, you can be assured of the patient's environment.


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