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Why wear protective coveralls?

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Protective clothing plays an important protective role in many jobs.Despite the widespread use of protective coverall, many people still do not understand the role and significance of protective clothing.Do you know why some people wear protective coveralls when they work?


This article contains the following:

  • Functions

  • Why wear a protective coverall?

  • Classification


Provide protective skin and personal clothing against accidental contact and small splashes. Prevent contaminants from spreading outside the laboratory (provided there are no wear contaminants in the laboratory). In the event of an accident involving a hazardous material spill or splash, provide a movable barrier.

Why wear a protective coverall?

Barrier Protection-The coverall provides substantial barrier protection and protects your torso and arms from direct contact with hazardous substances in the laboratory.

 Protective material-a good laboratory coating is a semi-flame retardant-the ideal material for laboratory coatings is 35/65 polycotton (35% polyester and 65% cotton). Polyester provides chemical resistance and ease of maintenance, while cotton provides semi-flame retardant properties.

Prevent Cross-Contamination-A coverall can prevent cross-contamination-Placing your protective coverall in the lab will keep contamination in your lab and will reduce or prevent cross-contamination to other areas.

 Quick removal-the protective coverall can be removed quickly in an emergency-if a fire or dangerous leak occurs, your coverall (especially if it has studs) can be pulled out in seconds to bring immediately The distance between you and danger.

Specialize Your Book-A clean protective coverall demonstrates professionalism and distinguishes laboratory individuals as an expert in their field.

Safe Workspace-A coverall with elastic cuffs will help keep your sleeves away from your experiments and give you control of your workspace. It will also protect your arms from potentially dangerous splashes.

 Clothing protection-A coverall will protect your ordinary clothes from dust, dirt and inconspicuous contamination in the laboratory.


  • According to purpose

It can be divided into daily work coveralls, surgical coveralls, isolation coveralls and protective coveralls according to the purpose and use occasion.

Daily work clothes refer to white coats, also called white coats, worn by medical personnel in their daily work.

Surgical suits are specially designed garments worn in the operating room.

Isolation clothing refers to clothing worn by medical personnel when they are in contact with patients, family members visiting patients, and so on.

Protective clothing refers to clothing worn by persons in special areas such as medical emergencies, infectious disease areas, and electromagnetic radiation areas.

  •  According to the service life

Medical protective clothing can be divided into disposable protective clothing and reusable protective clothing according to the service life.

The standard for domestic medical disposable surgical gowns is the industry standard YY / T 0506-2016, “Surgery Sheets, Surgical Gowns, and Cleanliness for Patients, Medical Staff and Instruments, and Implemented from January 1, 2017, issued by the State Food and Drug Administration clothes". The standard for medical disposable protective coverall is the technical requirements for medical disposable protective coverall implemented from March 01, 2010 specified by the China National Standardization Administration: GB19082-2009.

Disposable protective clothing is discarded after use without disinfection and washing. It is convenient to use and can avoid cross infection. However, the degradation of disposable materials is slow and it is easy to cause environmental pollution. Generally, surgical protective clothing and isolation clothing with high protection requirements are mostly used.  After repeated use, washing, high temperature disinfection and other measures are required. Generally, the comfort of the material is better, but the protective performance is usually poor. The washing and disinfecting process will also increase a lot of manpower and water resources costs, and usually requires less protection. Most of the daily work clothes (white coats) use this type.

  • According to the material

According to different materials processing technology, medical protective clothing is divided into woven and non-woven protective clothing.

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