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Why wear a protective lab coat?

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Non-woven protective lab coats can be used in hospitals, laboratories, outdoor anti-virus activities, electronics, and many other industries. Why wearing a protective lab coat is so important?


This article contains the following:

  • Why we use protecitve lab coats?

  • Specifications of disposable protective lab coat

  • How to wear and take off protetive lab coat?


Why we use protecitve lab coats?

Disposable protective lab coat protects the wearer from harmful chemicals and infectious materials. This is an economical option for medical professionals, research chemists, scientists, and technicians who work with hazardous substances in a laboratory environment.

Disposable lab coats come in various styles. In addition to protecting your clothing from chemicals, blood, and other secretions, the lab coat provides a good logo. For example, doctors in white coats are easily identified in hospitals.


Specifications of disposable protective lab coat

Protective clothing shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the following requirements:

a) The materials and components of the protective clothing shall ensure that they do not adversely affect the wearer.

b) While satisfying the protection requirements, the wearer should be as comfortable as possible.

c) Protective clothing should avoid excessive irritation or injury caused by rough, sharp angles and protruding parts where the wearer is in physical contact.

d) Considering the influence of external factors and the possible movements and postures of the wearer during work, the protective clothing should be designed so that it can be worn in the correct position and ensure that its position is maintained during the intended use. Therefore, appropriate methods should be adopted to enable the protective clothing to adapt to the body shape of the wearer, such as: suitable adjustment structure and suitable size range.

e) Minimize the quality of protective clothing without affecting the strength and effectiveness of the design.

f) The design of protective lab coat should consider the formation of integrated protection with other series of protective clothing or equipment after wearing. The overall protective clothing and other protective equipment connections, such as the sleeves to gloves, trousers to shoes, hood to respirator connection, should Provides the same level of protection.

If the protective clothing allows wet thermal resistance, its wet thermal resistance should be small. The test method for damp thermal resistance shall be specified in specific standards.

How to wear and take off protetive lab coat?

How to wear:

1. Unfold the chemical protection suit (the hood is facing towards you. The opening is facing up).

2. Open the neck of the chemical protection suit, breasts, legs into the pants one after another, put on a jacket, fasten the belt.

3. Tie your chest and tie your neck buckle.

4. Put on gloves and lower the outer sleeve and fasten.

How to take off:

1. Untie the straps from the bottom up.

2. 2. Take off the hood, pull the breasts down to the shoulders, and when taking off the gloves, with both hands retracted into the cuffs and grasp the inner sleeve, take off the gloves and shirt with your hands behind your back.

3. Insert both hands into the waistband and turn out, and take off the pants.


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