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Why wear a protective cap?

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Surgeons for years have stepped into operating rooms wearing their surgical cap — a snug covering that ties in back and comes in standard-issue blue or hundreds of personalized designs.Do you know why they wear protective caps?


This article contains the following:

  • What is protective cap

  • Why wear a protective cap?

  • The material of protective cap

  • Do protective caps can be worn for long time?

What is protective cap

The surgical cap is designed to prevent the hair of the operator from falling into the operating room during the operation and contaminate the sterile environment of the operating room. Most of the existing protective caps are disposable surgical caps, which are mostly made of non-woven fabric. When the caps are worn, the folded protective caps are unfolded first, and then the brim covers the front and back hairlines and the ears on both sides to prevent hair from leaking.


Why wear a protective cap?

Even clean, recently washed hair can be contaminated with a lot of bacteria. The surgical cap minimizes the risk of hair falling into the sterile area during the procedure. Before the end of the operation, make sure all hair is covered by the surgical cap!

The disposable protective cap made of a non-woven cap ensures the safety of dust particles, and since it is a disposable product, it does not spread any disease. It can be used in places with dust particles to avoid soiling the head.

The material of protective cap

Most surgical caps are disposable products. The material is non-woven fabric, which is light, soft, waterproof, breathable, non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly. And the material is dense, dustproof, antibacterial, vomit and blood are not easy to penetrate. Cheap, safe, sanitary and easy to use. However, through practice, it has been found that non-woven fabrics have a disadvantage: poor breathability and no sweat absorption. In clinical use, the surgeon sweats on the forehead. The sweat not only affects the vision of the surgeon, but once it drops to the operating table, it also increases the infection rate of the surgical site .

Therefore, a variety of innovative surgical caps have been derived, which can prevent sweat from falling, and at the same time ensure that the doctor's head is dry and breathable, and improve the doctor's comfort during the operation.


Do protective caps can be worn for long time?

Since it is said to be disposable, it must not be worn for a long time. Generally, the materials for disposable products have a problem of aging. If it is a non-woven fabric, it will automatically degrade in the air and become powder in a long time. If it is plastic and rubber, it will melt with temperature and oxygen. These chemical processes will produce substances that are bad for the human body, so it is best not to use it for a long time.


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