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Why is the medical gown blue or green?

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I believe that in the impression of most of my friends, the doctors and nurses in the hospital are all dressed in white robes. However, whether in a TV series or in reality, when a doctor wants to go to the operating table, he always takes off the white coat and then puts on a blue or green surgical gown. This in the end is why?


This article contains the following:

  • Development trend of medical gowns

  • Why the medical gowns are blue or green?

  • Whether doctors wear cloths inside medical gowns?

Development trend of medical gowns

The first surgical gown was used in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Medical  gowns and bedding were originally used to create a barrier between non-sterile and sterile areas to prevent wound infections and protect patients and health care workers.

In recent years, in-depth understanding of the transmission of blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, HBV, and HIV has placed greater emphasis on the need for effective barrier properties for surgical gowns and fabrics used for surgical draping and covering towels.

The fabrics for medical gowns are generally reusable and disposable materials. Reusable fabrics are woven from fiber warp yarns. Disposable materials are usually non-woven. Regardless of the type and material, it plays an important and indispensable role in today's market. As for the future development, with the concerted efforts of the government, hospitals and industry players, multiple aspects need to be considered while improving product quality. To formulate complete supporting measures to create a market for flowing living water and blue ocean.

Why the medical gowns are blue or green?

Some people believe that this is a hospital purpose-built for aesthetics. In fact, there is some scientific reason why the doctor's surgical gown is blue or green. This has a lot to do with the optical complementary color principle, because complementary colors in color include red and green complementary, blue and orange complementary, and purple and yellow complementary.

Only when people are in a complementary color environment can vision be less prone to intermittent fatigue. During the procedure, patients' blood and internal organs are mainly red and orange. The complementary color of red is green, and the complementary color of orange is blue. It is best to design the surgical gown as blue or green. This can greatly relieve the doctor's fatigue of focusing on the eyes for a long time, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents during the operation.

If the doctor's medical gown is changed to white, it is easy for the doctor to have an illusion of rear vision. This is very dangerous for patients who are undergoing surgery. In addition, because green represents a kind of vitality, doctors wearing green surgical gowns can give patients a hope of life when they are performing surgery.Moreover, even if red blood splattered on green clothes, it looked black, making people not feel bloody.


Whether doctors wear cloths inside medical gowns?

You will wear your own clothes inside the surgical gown, but you will definitely wear a professional sterilized medical gown and shoe covers to ensure that the operation is performed in a completely sterile environment. There will be no blood stains during the operation to avoid cross infection.


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