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Why doctors wear white protective lab coats?

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When you hear the word doctor, what will appear in your head? Injecting, taking medicine, stethoscope, thermometer. Whatever it is, one thing is certain to emerge, and that is the doctor's lab coat. A white coat is almost a symbol of a doctor. This feature is so representative that you only need to see a person wearing a white coat, whether a scientist or anyone else, a little nervous. So the question comes, why do doctors always wear white protective coats? How did this symbol come into being?Now,let’s talk about why doctors wear white protective lab coats.


This article contains the following:

  • The origin of the white protective lab coat

  • Why they choose white lab coat?

  • Other colors of protective lab coats

The origin of the white protective lab coat

There is a doctor in the United Kingdom named Liszt. He discovered an interesting law. A fractured patient, if his wound is open, his bones pierce the skin, and his blood and muscles are exposed. During the treatment, He is likely to die. And if the fracture is closed, that is, there is no wound on the skin surface, then most of them will be able to recover. Realizing that the wound had encountered microorganisms in a messy environment, and an infection had occurred, which ultimately led to the death of the patient. So Liszt carried out a series of reforms in his own clinic. For example, if surgery is to be performed, all surgical tools must be soaked with disinfectant. Doctors should also wash their hands with disinfectant before touching the patient.

At the same time, Dr. Liszt was wearing white clothes, which was the predecessor of the white gown that doctors now wear. Liszt's series of reforms was actually quite successful, and the deaths of patients who came to his clinic have been greatly reduced. But most doctors at the time did not believe that things like washing hands and changing clothes could reduce patient mortality. They thought, if that's the case, would the patient wash his hands and change his clothes, wouldn't he get sick? Some doctors also noticed the decline in the mortality rate of the Liszt Clinic. Soon, the head of a hospital in Munich, Germany, began to push the baggage in his own hospital. However, the effect immediately appeared, and the mortality rate really decreased, And the decline is very obvious, everyone can notice this.

Liszt’s fame spread quickly, and hospitals across Europe began to follow his example. Soon the white protective lab coats became the standard costume for doctors during surgery.


Why they choose white lab coat?

The reason for choosing white is also very simple, because white symbolizes purity. Whether it is the gods in Greek mythology or ancient Roman parliamentarians, they are all wearing white robes. Of course, the white lab coat also has an important meaning. This is the dirtiest color. The blood stains of any stains are very conspicuous on the large white jar, and neither doctors nor nurses can turn a blind eye to these stains. He also reminded doctors at all times that they must be kept clean before touching the patients to avoid bringing more pathogens to the patients. But not all doctors now wear white protective lab coats. In some countries, pediatric doctors or psychiatric doctors do not wear white lab coats. Because research has found that white lab coats can easily lead to anxiety, which is not great for children who are sick or for those who need to see a psychiatrist.


Other colors of protective lab coats

Although doctors first wore white lab coats in the operating room and then appeared in various departments in the hospital, now in the operating room, doctors wear white protective lab coats instead of green or blue surgical clothes. The reason It ’s very simple, because during the operation, there will be a lot of red in the doctor's field of vision. After staring at the red thing for a long time, look up at the white coats of other doctors and nurses, and you will see a lot of green on the white background This phenomenon is also called negative visual afterimage, so many doctors will take off their white lab coats and get blue or green clothes when they walk on the operating table, in order to avoid this phenomenon leading to surgery A deviation has occurred.


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