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Why do surgeons wear protective masks?

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Many people wear protective mask in daily life, and surgeons also wear them. There is no difference between the protective masks they wear and the protective masks people wear daily. So why do surgeons wear protective masks?


This article contains the following:

  • What is protective mask?

  • Why surgeons wear protective mask?

  • Medical staff wearing status and influencing factors

  • Precautions


What is protective mask?

A protective mask is a sanitary product used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth, and its purpose is to block harmful gases, odors, droplets and the like.

Why surgeons wear protective mask?

Surgeons and nurses who perform clean surgery wear disposable protective masks. The purpose of the mask is not only to prevent germs from entering the patient's wound from the surgeon's nose and mouth, but also to protect the surgeon's face from spray and spatter.

In accordance with the standards and important technical indicators required by various types of medical masks, medical protective masks are suitable for the protection of airborne respiratory infectious diseases by medical staff and related staff; medical surgical masks are suitable for medical staff or related personnel Basic protection, as well as protection against blood, body fluids and splashes during invasive procedures; ordinary medical masks have inadequate protection against pathogenic microorganisms, and can be used for disposable sanitary care in ordinary environments, or cause disease Barrier or protection of particles other than sexual microorganisms such as pollen.


Medical staff wearing status and influencing factors

It may not be worn correctly by medical staff. The main reasons for the incorrectness are that the protective mask is too loose, the mask is exposed, the mask is bloody, and the mask is confused inside and outside. The problem of wearing protective masks for medical staff in the operating room is related to the lack of awareness of the hospital, lack of knowledge, insufficient training, and incomplete supervision. The training and supervision should be strengthened in accordance with the characteristics of the personnel to reduce the incidence of hospital infection.



From the perspective of human physiological structure, as the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa is very strong, the channels in the nasal cavity are tortuous, and the nasal hairs constitute a filtering "barrier". When air is inhaled into the nostrils, the airflow forms a vortex in the tortuous channel, so that the airflow drawn into the nasal cavity is heated. Some tests have shown that when cold air of minus 7 ° C is drawn into the lungs through the nose, the airflow has been warmed to 28.8 ° C, which is very close to the temperature of the human body. If you wear a protective mask for a long time, it will make the nasal mucosa fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity.Protective masks can only be worn in special environments, such as where there are many people and where there is no air circulation. Of course, when walking in the wild, in order to withstand the wind and sand and cold, or activities in air pollution environments, you need to wear a protective mask, but it should not be too long. In addition, during the influenza season, you should wear a protective maskwhen visiting public places where there may be a large number of pathogenic bacteria. Wearing a protective mask is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory infections. The most important thing is to maintain good living habits.

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