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What do protective caps mean in medical terms?

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Nowadays with rapid development of society, people ’s living standards and the pace of life has been improving. Disposable items such as disposable chopsticks, disposable masks, and disposable medical hats have gradually appeared in life. These things gradually give convenient for our lives. Disposable protective caps and disposable protective masks are the most disposable products that people use in medical care. What do protective caps mean in medical terms?

This article contains the following:

  • Definition

  • Meaning of protective caps

  • Where is the use?

  • Precautions



Medical hoods, such as doctor's cap, surgical cap, are standard equipment for each clinic. Medical headgear is a very important protection for patients and hospital workers from infection.

Surgical cap is an accompaniment to the surgical gown which covers the head, and sometimes facial hair, of members of the surgical team.

Meaning of protective caps

Medical protective clothing is an essential equipment, which cannot only protect medical personnel from pathogens, but also protect patients from the contamination of non-sterile clothing. You'll find health care professionals and many patients wearing protective gear in many cases.

Protective cap keeps hairs from falling into the sterile surgical field. The object is to avoid contamination of the wound,surgical fever resulting from extensive tissue damage in major surgery.The surgical cap minimizes the risk of hair falling into the sterile area during surgery.

So the Surgical Nurses Association (AORN) advocated banning the traditional, cool looking surgeons cap (Grey's Anatomy cool and all that) in favor of the Bouffant style cap or the “Hood”, citing risk of infection.


Where is the use?

Disposable medical caps are suitable for clinical health care in non-infectious disease areas.


The operating room should set up a special person to manage the disposable protective caps; When receiving protective caps, the quality must be checked, and the products must be strictly checked for sanitary licenses, inspection certificates, production dates, product identification and disinfection validity period; unqualified products are never allowed to be put into clinical use.

All disposable surgical caps should be stored in a dry, clean, and well-lit warehouse, and neatly arranged according to the type of supplies. And regularly check whether the disinfection and sterilization of disposable supplies are invalid. All the supplies that have failed should not be reused. High-value disposable protective cap should be locked for safekeeping.

Replenish supplies at any time according to the amount of surgery to ensure surgical use. The amount of supplies returned each time should not be large, so as to avoid the backlog causing the failure of the supplies, resulting in unnecessary losses, and should be used according to the order of disinfection validity.

The purpose and use method of each disposable surgical article must be clarified, and the package of the article should be inspected for damage, leakage, and the expiration date of the disinfection has expired. If the above problems are found, stop using them immediately.


The Global Medical Disposables Market is poised to grow strong in the near future.As a kind of medical disposable products,protective cap will also have an extremely high and rich nutritional value.Please contact Vench if you have any questions and demand.

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