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What are protective caps made of?

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With the fast development happening in China in recent decades,increasing attention is also being paid to the hygienic conditions and conditions of the work environment.Disposable masks are common in life, but protective caps are usually only found in special work places. What are protective caps made of and what role does it play?

This article contains the following:

  • Components

  • Classification

  • Colors

  • Where is the use?



Unlike cloth for reusable surgical caps, disposable surgical caps are usually made of light non-woven fabric. these scrub covers can be treated simply after use, thus eliminating the cost of post-processing and making them economically interesting alternative options.

Most surgical caps are disposable products. The material is non-woven fabric, which is light, soft, waterproof, breathable, non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly. And the material is dense, dust proof, antibacterial, vomit and blood are not easy to penetrate. Cheap, safe, sanitary and easy to use. However, through practice, it has been found that non-woven fabrics have a disadvantage: poor breath ability and no sweat absorption. In clinical use, the surgeon sweats on the forehead. The sweat not only affects the vision of the surgeon, but once it drops to the operating table, it also increases the infection rate of the surgical site.

Therefore, a variety of innovative surgical caps have been derived, which can prevent sweat from falling, and at the same time ensure that the doctor's head is dry and breathable, and improve the doctor's comfort during the operation.



Depending on material type the market is segmented into paper and paperboard, plastic resins, glass, nonwoven material, metals, rubber and other material types.

Based on end user the market is classified into home health care, outpatient/primary care facilities, hospitals and other end users.

By product type the market is categorized into drug delivery disposables, non-woven medical disposables, respiratory disposables, incontinence disposables, laboratory disposables and other product types.

Drug Delivery Disposables are further segmented into contact lens, syringes, tubes and other drug delivery disposables.

Non-Woven Medical Disposables is further classified into surgical caps, sterile nonwoven swabs, surgical masks, surgical gowns, shoe covers, surgical drapes and other non-woven medical disposables.



Traditional disposable protective caps are mostly light blue, dark blue, green, and purple. Some hospitals use different colors of surgical caps to distinguish the management of different personnel. In this way, the colors are bright and eye-catching, and the identification is clear at a glance. There are also a variety of printed protective caps, known as the most adorable surgical caps. Such surgical caps can add a warm tone to the cold operating room, shorten the distance between the doctor and the patient, so that the patient can relax and  reduce patient fear of surgery.


Where is the use?

The scope of application of disposable sterile medical caps is relatively wide. Medical caps can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, beauty salons, homes and other places. It can also effectively help you to prevent the invasion of external dust when you drive out.


Some of the prominent trends that the market is witnessing include growing demand for medical disposables from home health care, increase in geriatric population prone to injuries and chronic diseases and recent technological developments in medical disposables.If you have demand,please contact Vench.

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