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What are protective apron?

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Disposable protective aprons are used to protect health professionals and patients from the risk of infection. However, it is important to use them properly, otherwise they may increase the risk of patients developing healthcare-related infections.


This article contains the following:

  • What are protective aprons?

  • What should be take into consideration when you use a protective apron?

  • How to choose right protective aprons?

  • Functions


What are protective aprons?

In the case of health care-associated infections, microbial contamination found on the work clothes of health professionals is an important factor. Therefore, when close contact with patients, materials or equipment may cause contamination of uniforms or other clothing with microorganisms, or when there is a risk of contamination by blood or body fluids, disposable plastic protective apron is recommended for general clinical use. If it is possible to spill large amounts of blood or body fluids on the skin or clothing of a healthcare professional, wear a liquid-resistant body suit.


What should be take into consideration when you use a protective apron?

The decision whether to use protective apron in specific patient care activities or interventions should take into account current health and safety regulations and be evaluated based on

Risk of microbes being transmitted to patients or health professionals;

Risk of contamination of patient's blood or body fluids to clothing and skin of health professionals.

There is evidence that recommendations for lack of knowledge and non-compliance are widespread. These errors often lead to contamination of unprotected places for health professionals. Therefore, health professionals should receive regular training in risk assessment, PPE selection and use, and use of standard infection prevention and control precautions.

How to choose right protective aprons?

The choice of apron should be based on the procedures or tasks performed. Use color coding system:

Yellow protective aprons-when cleaning the isolated area;

Blue protective aprons-for general cleaning, including wards and sinks in public areas;

Red protective aprons-when cleaning bathrooms, toilets, toilets, wash basins and bathroom floors;

Green protective aprons– when working in the food service department, ward kitchen area, and patient food services at the ward level (National Patient Safety Agency, 2007). Consult local policies.



The biggest function of disposable protective apron is convenience, which can be changed as needed. The hospital is a place where the spread of bacteria and viruses is strictly controlled. Some things cannot be reused. Disposable film gloves are more common. For apron, we may compare and say that it is usually reserved in the operating room. In order to prevent some bacteria on the human body from infecting the wound, or the germs on the wound are transmitted to the doctor, this is necessary and will be collected after use deal with.

Of course, there are some people who occasionally buy some in special situations in order not to soil their clothes. For example, some mothers will wear a small protective apron to their children when they play with sand or water. This is more convenient.


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