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What are medical gowns used for?

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The use of professional medical textile fabrics to make medical gowns protects doctors and protects patients for safe and effective surgery. Science and technology are constantly developing and innovating, and the fabric of surgical gowns is constantly improving. Therefore, professional surgical gown fabrics have always been at the forefront of medical gown fabrics, and have been recognized by national patents.


This article contains the following:

  • Use of medical gowns

  • Performance of medical gown

  • Structural design of medical gown

  • Requirements for medical gowns

Use of medical gown

Medical gown can be used for surgical operations and treatment of patients; epidemic prevention inspection in public places; disinfection in virus-contaminated areas; and it can be widely used in military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, transportation, epidemic prevention and other fields.

Medical gowns are necessary protective clothing during surgery. They are used to reduce the risk of medical personnel's exposure to pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, they can also reduce the risk of pathogenic microorganisms from transmitting to medical personnel and patients.


Performance of medical gown

The performance of surgical gown mainly includes: barrier performance, adsorption performance and comfort performance.

The barrier performance mainly refers to the barrier performance of surgical gowns, and its evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water test, impact penetration, spray, blood penetration, microbial penetration and particle filtration efficiency.

Adsorption performance is only a critical area of surgical gowns. Its material can absorb splash liquid generated during surgery, as well as water vapor in the air and electric knives, and use rubber particles (surgical smoke) to reduce harmful substances in the air Spread, which in turn reduces the risk of infection at the patient's incision site and the risk of infection by medical staff.

Comfort properties include: breath ability, water vapor permeability, drape, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic properties, color, light reflectivity, odor and skin sensitization, and the effects of design and sewing in garment processing. The main evaluation indexes are air permeability, moisture density and charge density.

Structural design of medical gown

New protective medical gown

By providing a protective collar, the neck of the surgeon can be kept warm. By setting a hand pocket, it is beneficial for the surgical staff to temporarily put their hands in the hand pocket while waiting during the operation, which plays a protective role and is more in line with the principles of aseptic operation and occupational protection.

By setting the shrink cuff, it is beneficial to make the cuff fit the wrist, prevent the cuff from loosening, and avoid the gloves from slipping out during the surgery, which will cause the hands of the operator to be exposed outside the gloves.

The design of the new humanized protective surgical gown has been improved in key areas of the gown. The forearm and front chest area are double-thickened, and there are hand pockets in front of the chest and abdomen. By providing a reinforcing sheet (double-layer structure) in key areas, it is beneficial to improve the ability of the surgical gown to resist water permeability and improve safety.


Requirements for medical gowns

1. The fabric cannot be pilled and cannot be deformed after washing. One thing most people don't know is that the fabric must be resistant to chlorine bleaching;

2. The style should fit well, be comfortable to wear, and easy to work;

3. If the surgical gown requires high temperature and high pressure disinfection, it must be made of cotton fabric.


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