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What are medical gowns made of?

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Surgery is probably the most common type of surgery in the types of surgery we have seen, and surgical gowns are the most important clothing for doctors during surgery. So what materials do we know of medical surgical gowns? Generally, do doctors wear clothes in surgical gowns?

This article contains the following:


What are medical gowns?

Medical gowns, also known as "Johnny robes" or "Johnny," are a loose-fitting long dress worn by people in the hospital who are doing or doing surgery."It can be used as clothing for bedridden patients.


1. Cotton surgical gown. Medical institutions are the most widely used and most dependent surgical gowns. Although they have good breath ability, they have poor barrier protection. The cotton material is prone to flocculation, and the maintenance cost of the ventilation equipment in the hospital will also be burdensome.

2. High-density polyester fiber fabric. This type of fabric is mainly composed of polyester fibers, and a conductive substance is embedded on the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric has a certain anti-static effect, thereby improving the comfort of the wearer. This type of fabric has certain hydrophobic properties, is not easy to produce cotton deflocculation and has the advantages of high reuse rate. This kind of fabric has good antibacterial effect.

3. PE (polyethylene), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber), PTFE (Teflon) multi-layer laminated film composite surgical gown. Surgical gowns have excellent protective properties and comfortable breath ability, which can effectively block the penetration of blood, bacteria and even viruses. But the popularity in China is not very wide.

4. (PP) polypropylene spunbond. Compared with traditional cotton surgical gowns, the appearance of this material can be used as a material for disposable surgical gowns due to its low price and certain advantages such as antibacterial and antistatic. However, the hydrostatic pressure resistance of this material is comparative Low, and the barrier effect of the virus is relatively poor, so it can only be used as a sterile surgical gown.

5. Polyester fiber and wood pulp composite fabric. Generally used only as a material for disposable medical gowns.

6. Polypropylene spunbond-meltblown-spun. Adhesive composite non-fabric (ie SMS or SMMS): This material is a high-quality product of a new type of composite material. Hydrostatic pressure capacity. SMS nonwovens are widely used at home and abroad and are commonly used to make high-end medical gowns.


Material of medical gown

The material of surgical gowns is very important. Good medical surgical gowns need to have matching materials in order to ensure the smooth operation of the surgical procedure. The medical gowns we are referring to currently have about two common fabrics.

One is waterproof type, which can prevent liquid leakage. It can be used on the chest and abdomen of surgical gowns. It can better protect the doctor during the operation and prevent blood and other pollutants from contacting the doctor's skin. In addition, this material also has anti-static function. The conductive yarn is woven into the fabric to prevent static electricity. It can be washed with water at high temperature and has disinfection effect, even if it is washed repeatedly, it will not affect the performance of the surgical gown.

The second is a surgical gown with moisture absorption, breath ability, and quick-drying type. After the inner surface of the fabric absorbs and absorbs heat from the skin, it can quickly transmit to the outer surface and quickly distribute, so it can be kept dry and comfortable for a long time. In addition, this kind of fabric also has anti-static function, which can be washed and disinfected with high temperature water. Can block microorganisms, dense fabric structure and special process treatment, can effectively block the penetration of microorganisms, better protect doctors.

In general, no matter what fabric is used for medical surgical gowns, it is mainly to protect doctors, so as long as they are good fabrics, they can be used as medical surgical gowns.


This article tells you about the classification and the material of medical gowns.If you are interested in this product, please contact Vench.

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