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Use of non-woven fabric for fruit baskets

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First of all, the fruit basket special non-woven cloth to increase the output of fruit, and shorten its growth period, play a role in ripening, secondly, the fruit adhere to the appropriate humidity, temperature, progress of the fruit sweetness, improve the luster of the fruit, progress of the fruit level, significant benefits, bagging can produce part of the greenhouse effect. At the same time can also isolate environmental pollution on the fruit corrosion, so that in the growth process will not be scratched branches. The formation of the reduction of harvest or quality differences, to avoid the fruit in the near maturity of the invasion of birds, pests and diseases and wind and rain damage to the sun, fruit bagging non-woven fabric is mainly used in the late growth. One of the most environmentally friendly is the non - woven fabric made of

fruit bags. All sorts of fruit consumption have corresponding fruit bagging is usable, and the consumption data of fruit bagging is multifarious. Green fruit consumption depends on the application of fruit bagging technology.

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