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PP non-woven fabric

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Non-woven fabrics are divided into a variety of different processing technology gives different characteristics of non-woven fabrics, and PP non-woven fabric production process is relatively simple, low production cost, low price, so the range of use is very wide.

Pp non-woven fabric to fashion such as pattern, color beautiful, also can wait for, classical, or nifty animated anyhow can meet a variety of purposes, such as in aerospace, the use of building materials and so on, can be done on the agriculture greenhouse, fruit plants such as cladding, used for heat preservation, prevent frost, insect-resistant, shading, etc., to do it on clothing lining cloth, etc. This kind of non-woven fabric is widely used in agriculture due to its environmental protection and short degradation time. It will be put in the field after being used up to let them be naturally weathered and absorbed by nature. Ordinary plastics take at least 300 years to degrade

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