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Non-woven products

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Non-woven fabric is widely used in the medical industry, non-woven fabric for the control of surgical infection is very obvious, such as the operation spread sheet, surgical film, surgical gown, mask, cap, gloves, etc., are non-woven products.

Non-woven fabrics in the disposable operating room supplies in the coverage of huge.According to the statistics:

North American market: the market penetration rate of disposable medical non-woven fabrics was 87% in 2010 (the market penetration rate of single-use sheets has reached 90-95%, and that of disposable surgical gowns has reached 80%), and it is expected that disposable surgical products will reach 93% in 2014.

European market: the average market penetration rate of disposable medical non-woven fabrics was 68% in 2010, and it is expected to reach 76% in 2014.

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