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How to wear a protective cap

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In aseptic work environments, such as operating rooms and laboratories, professional equipment is required to ensure aseptic conditions. Therefore, protective products such as protective caps have become particularly important. With these products you also need to know how to use them properly.So how to wear a protective cap correctly?

This article contains the following:

  • Why surgeons wear protective caps and other protective products

  • Meaning of protective caps

  • How to wear a protective cap correctly

  • Skillful use of surgical caps

Why surgeons wear protective caps and other protective products

Prevention of surgical site infection (SSI) has been a topic of concern to surgeons. In the operating room, controlling air pollution and shedding of microbes from medical personnel are important measures to prevent SSI.For modern operating rooms, it is no longer difficult to control air pollution, especially the establishment of a laminar flow system, which can significantly purify the air and reduce the bacterial load.In terms of controlling the shedding of microorganisms on the medical personnel's surface, sterile gloves + sterile surgical gowns + masks + surgical caps are sufficient to prevent any microorganisms on the doctor's body from falling off and contaminating the operation area.


Meaning of protective caps

Medical caps prevent hair from falling into a sterile work environment. The purpose of wearing a surgical cap is to avoid wound infections and surgical fever caused by hair fall and minimize the risk of surgical infection.

How to wear a protective cap correctly

The meaning of the surgical cap is the same as the role of the chef in the restaurant industry. It is to prevent hair and other things from falling out, but the operating room where the doctor wears the hat must be as free of bacteria as possible, so avoid the hat. Make direct contact with your hands, but you can wear them after washing your hands, and your hands cannot touch your hair again when you wear them to avoid bacteria.

Most of the existing surgical caps are disposable surgical caps, which are mostly made of non-woven fabric. When wear the caps , the folded surgical caps are unfolded first, and then the brim covers the front and back hairlines and the ears on both sides to prevent hair from leaking.

Skillful use of surgical caps

Fixed ice packs: In clinical practice, patients with cerebral hemorrhage routinely use cold compresses on their heads. The commonly used methods are cold packs of forehead and posterior pillow; and the common methods of hemostasis and pain of ENT nose surgery are cold packs of forehead. In this case, when the patient turns over and changes position, the ice pack is easy to fall off or shift. In view of this, the materials were collected on the spot and the disposable surgical cap brought back by the patient was used to fix the ice pack. The effect is good, economical and convenient, simple and practical, saving materials, and the patient can change the position at will.

Protective cap is important in some places and it is vital to know how to wear a protective cap correctly.Please contact Vench if you have any requirement or need.

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