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How to wear a medical gown

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Medical gowns are special clothing that doctors need to wear when performing surgical operations. The materials used must have protective properties to block viruses and bacteria from invading medical staff. It requires sterilization, antibacterial and comfort on the basis of sterility, dust-free and disinfection resistance.


This article contains the following:

  • Why surgeons wear medical gowns?

  • Do protective masks protect against secondhand smoke?

  • Precautions

  • Other things about medical gowns


Why surgeons wear medical gowns?

During medical treatment, medical personnel will inevitably come into contact with the patient's blood and body fluids. Patients' blood and body fluids may often carry HBV (hepatitis B virus), HCV (hepatitis C virus), and HIV (AIDS virus). Pathogens.

As a medical shielding fabric, surgical gowns mainly focus on barrier performance. Barrier properties include properties that prevent the penetration of liquids and microorganisms.

How to wear medical gown?

  • Wear traditional sterile surgical gowns: After the operators wash their hands, disinfect and dry, remove the sterile medical gowns from the opened sterile surgical gowns. Grasp the two corners of the collar with both hands, facing inside, and shake it fully out of sight. Look at the entrance of the sleeve, and throw it upwards. Both hands quickly reach into the sleeves. Tighten the belt at the back and stretch out the cuffs with both hands. The itinerant nurse further fastens the collar and back straps. The hands are crossed to lift the belt. The itinerant nurse takes the belt behind and assists in tying.

  • Strap-on aseptic surgical gown: The method of dressing aseptic medical gown is basically the same as above, except that when the surgeon puts on the surgical gown and puts on sterile gloves, the instrument nurse passes the belt to the surgeon to tie it. The back of the wrap-around gown covers the back of the surgeon and makes the back sterile.



After putting on the surgical gown, keep your hands half-stretched in front of your chest to avoid touching people or objects around you. Do not place your hands under your armpits, raise your shoulders or sag below your waist.

At the completion of the operation and when receiving the table, the itinerant nurse assisted in untied the back of the belt, grabbed the collar of the surgical collar forward, and undressed forward. The surgeon placed the glove on the wrist with his right finger, and the left hand glove Take off the fold, remove the left finger to the inside of the glove of the right hand, and take off the disinfectant.

Other things about medical gowns

Obstetric and pediatric nurses usually wear pink because it is a soft, symbol of warmth and harmony. After the child is born, she will see such a beautiful color at first glance. Children are generally full of fear of white, and the visual effects brought by pink are much better, which can reduce the fear of children when they are hospitalized.


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