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How long can you wear a protective mask

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Cold currents, flu, pollen, air pollution ... have made people put on protective masks. However, many people wear the same protective mask for three or four days and do not change their clothes even when it becomes dark. Han Shuhua, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, told the Life Times reporter that when wearing a protective mask for a long time, the breath exhaled on the inside of the protective mask.If it is not cleaned or replaced in time, it is easy to breed bacteria and harm health; Contaminants build up on the mask and can also affect the respiratory system.How long have you changed your protective mask?


This article contains the following:

  • Classification

  • How long to change a protective mask?

  • When to use a protective mask?


Plane masks are divided into: cotton masks, non-woven masks, polymer masks, activated carbon powder filter masks, activated carbon fiber felt masks.


How long to change a protective mask?

Under normal circumstances, protective masks should be changed or cleaned daily. When the polluted weather is severe, the frequency of replacement should be more frequent, and it is best not to use it again for more than four hours; if the medical mask is wet, it should be replaced immediately to avoid providing a "hotbed" for bacterial growth. The better the tightness of the protective mask, the more forceful the mask needs to be when breathing, and the wearing time should be shortened accordingly. When wearing a medical mask, wash your hands first, and do not touch the inside of the mask to avoid secondary pollution. Wrap the nose, mouth, chin and surrounding cheeks tightly, and squeeze the nose clip without leaving any gaps. In addition, don't hoard the masks, buy them immediately, or the bacteria will grow when stored for a long time.

Protective Masks should not be worn for long periods. Due to the strong blood circulation of the nasal mucosa, the passages in the nasal cavity are tortuous, and the hair of the nose forms a filtering "barrier". When air is inhaled into the nostril, the airflow forms a vortex in the tortuous channel, so that the airflow drawn into the nasal cavity is heated. If you wear a mask for a long time, it will make the nasal mucosa fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, so you cannot wear a mask for a long time.


When to use a protective mask?

Protective masks can only be worn in special environments, such as where there are many people and where there is no air circulation. Of course, when walking in the wild, in order to withstand the wind and sand and cold, or activities in air pollution environments, you need to wear a protective mask, but it should not be too long. In addition, during the influenza season, you should wear a medical mask when visiting public places where there may be a large number of pathogenic bacteria. Wearing a protective mask is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory infections. The most important thing is to maintain good living habits.


Now,you know how long a protective mask can wear .Please contact Vench if you have any questions or demand.

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