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Do protective masks protect against secondhand smoke

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Nowadays, smoking has become more and more normal in the eyes of people, but there are also many people who think that smoking has become a big public social problem, because on many occasions we can see some people smoking, but they Just to relieve fatigue, or to sacrifice the interests of most other people in order to find some of that feeling, forget that this will also cause damage to the body of many other non-smokers.Do protective masks can really protect us against secondhand smoke?


This article contains the following:

  • The harmfulness of secondhand smoke

  • Do protective masks protect against secondhand smoke?

  • Precautions


1.The harmfulness of secondhand smoke

Second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking, environmental tobacco smoke, refers to the mixed smoke formed by the tobacco smoke released from the burning end of cigarettes or other tobacco products and exhaled by the smoker. It is also the most widespread and severe indoor air pollution and is the cause of major global deaths. Some studies have pointed out that second-hand smoke includes more than 4,000 harmful chemicals and dozens of carcinogens such as tar, ammonia, nicotine, suspended particulates, PM2.5, and thorium-210.


2.Do protective masks protect against secondhand smoke?

Wearing a protective mask can prevent secondhand smoke for a short time. When you first wear a protective mask or just enter a smoking area, it can absorb some of the smoke, tar and nicotine. But as time goes by, the adsorption capacity of the mask gradually becomes saturated, and it is impossible to block the inhalation of smoke in the future. In addition, wearing a protective mask will hinder the breathing of the human body. As a result, on the one hand, it is inhaling smoke and on the other hand, it reduces the inhalation of oxygen. Unless it is constantly changing new medical masks. Therefore, the best way is to avoid the smoking place as much as possible and take a deep breath in a place with fresh air.



1. Choose a medical mask that has protective functions such as n90, n95.

2. The size of the protective mask should be selected properly, and the area around the protective mask should fit the skin, otherwise the effect will be affected.

3. The better the protective function, the harder it is to breathe. It is recommended that people with respiratory diseases wear it under the guidance of a doctor.

4. Elderly people, children and pregnant women are not recommended to wear medical masks. Excessive breathing resistance can easily lead to hypoxia.

Smoking in a closed environment, the greater the number of branches, the more pollutants are generated. Such pollutants will cause a very high concentration after being superimposed. If the windows cannot be opened for ventilation, or air purification equipment is used, indoor air pollution caused by smoking will exist for a long time, and people will inhale, spit, and repeat until most of the toxic substances enter the body. This method of wearing a medical mask is not very useful. It must be solved fundamentally and refuse to smoke.

Wearing a protective mask can prevent second-hand smoke, but you must master these precautions so as to achieve the effect of preventing second-hand smoke.

This article is about whether a protective mask can protect you from secondhand smoke.So if you want to buy protective mask,please contact Vench.

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