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Can protective mask protect you flu

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Wearing a protective mask, washing your hands frequently, and opening windows for ventilation are all good ways to prevent flu, but you should be aware that not all masks can prevent flu. The transmission route of influenza is transmitted through droplets, so the protective mask must at least achieve the effect of blocking the transmission of droplets, so its material is important.


This article contains the following:

  • How the flu spread?

  • Which type of protective mask can protect you flu?

  • Precautions


1.How the flu spread?

Almost all respiratory infections are transmitted through droplets. When we are talking, coughing, sneezing or yawning, small droplets may be emitted.

If there are viruses or bacteria in the respiratory tract at this time, they can be transmitted to others by droplets.

Generally speaking, the effective transmission distance of droplets is within 2 meters, but in public places such as taking MRT, crowding elevators, shopping at department stores, it is difficult for people to be more than 2 meters apart. Respiratory diseases such as colds and pneumococcal infections are difficult to prevent.

During cold and flu seasons, wearing a protective mask is a method to prevent the invasion of droplets and effectively prevent respiratory infections. Especially for people who have symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, it is polite to actively wear a protective mask to avoid passing it on to others.

The general public does not usually need to wear a mask. Only when entering crowded or airless places, you can choose to wear a general mask.


2.Which type of protective mask can protect you flu?

According to the medical masks that can be found on the market, masks like the N95 that we often say, or medical protective masks that we say, because its own material manufacturing process can block the spread of air aerosols and can protect against flu Role.

Of course, there is another type of disposable mask that is often seen, which is very thin, but its protective effect is very limited during wearing. Another is activated carbon masks, which have a certain adsorption effect for the adsorption of odors or pollution caused by poor air, but for pathogenic microorganisms, it is not recommended for everyone to wear.



At present, there are many types of masks on the market. Everyone should pay attention to the distinction when buying. Ordinary masks are similar to the appearance of medical protective masks, so you should pay attention to the purchase of masks marked "medical protective masks" on the package. In addition, although N95 and above masks can prevent the flu, it has poor breath ability and large respiratory resistance, so it is not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people with chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Also note that the mask cannot be worn for too long, remember to replace it. A moist environment is a good medium for bacteria and microorganisms. When we wear it ourselves, we will have sweat or some oral secretions. Because we breathe water vapor, we will change it immediately after wetting it. About 4 It is reasonable to change it every 6 hours.

In addition to changing the medical mask in time, you must also pay attention to it when you wear it, otherwise it will not work.First of all, the inside of the scoring mask is still outside. When you buy it, you will find it has a clear logo. Generally speaking, it is dark in color, the nose clip on the outside is the outside, and the light color is on the inside.After wearing it, use two forefingers along your nose to fit the upper part of the mask to your skin as much as possible to ensure air-tightness, and then you can do a gas blow experiment to see if the air leak is obvious on both sides. If you feel that the air-tightness is good, the wearing is complete.


This article explains what protective masks to choose to prevent flu. Vench sells related products and welcome to contact us.

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