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Correct use of medical gauze bandage

Correct use of medical gauze bandage

Medical gauze bandage is a kind of medical material on the patient's body directly bandage, its quality will to a patient during use is beneficial health effects to a great extent, so we should adopt in the selection, with appropriate flexibility, good air permeability, convenient use of medical gauze bandage, it will be help the patient recover. Choose a good quality of medical gauze bandage is the key, so the next step should be how to make use of, is also a key link, because sometimes, even if the bandage is good, improper operation will bring to the patient feels uncomfortable, followed by a small make up for you to introduce how to make proper use of medical gauze bandages:

Before operation, the operator must use a disposable glove to avoid contact with the patient's wound to cause bacterial infection of the wound.

Second, should be used to see the condition of the patient's wound. If the wound is too swollen, it is not suitable for the use of medical gauze bandage, we should pay attention to it.

Third. Disassemble the package and soak it in the water for a few seconds. This is to make it better. The temperature of water is usually 25 degrees.

Fourth, when we bandage, we should pay attention to tightness, not too tight, and airtight will make the wound worse. If it is too loose, it will make dust or other foreign matter enter the wound, which is more harmful to the healing and recovery of the wound. And the medical gauze bandage should be adjusted properly according to the comfort of the patient.

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