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" safety Non-woven bouffant Cap "

"disposable Non-woven clip Cap "

"Industrial protective Non-woven clip Cap"

"protective Non-woven clip Cap "

0.1mm Disposable Raincoat Rainwear Poncho

0.1mm Pure Rain

100% Cotton Gauze Bandage

100% Cotton Gauze Swab

100% Cotton Lap Sponge

100% Polyester Waterproof gown

100% Polyester Waterproof Rain Poncho

100% Waterproof Oilproof Apron

100% Waterproof Oilproof gown

100% Waterproof PE Apron

100%Pure Cotton Wool

2 ply disposable face mask

2 ply mask

2 ply surgical face mask

2-Ply / 3-Ply Face Mask With earloop

2-Ply Face Mask with Earloop

2-Ply Face Mask With earloop

2019 Products Mouth Cover

3 ply mask

3 ply non woven face mask

3 ply surgical face mask

AAMI level 3 surgical gown

aami level 4 gowns

Absorbent Cotton Ball

Absorbent Cotton Wool

Absorbent Dental Cotton

Absorbent Gauze Roll

Absorbent Gauze Swab

Adhesive Plaster Zinc Oxide Tape

Adult Lap Sponge

Adult Paraffin Gauze


aluminum nose clip

angiography drape

Angiography Surgical Pack

Anti Bacteria Universal General Surgical Pack




Aperture Drape


Apron for Men and Women

Autoclavable Safety Goggles


beard cover

Beard Cover for Surgery

Beard Cover with Double Elastic

Beard Cover with Elastic Around Both Ears

Beard Cover with Single Elastic

blood resistant

blue Disposable Cap

blue lab coat

blue Medical Non-woven Doctor Cap

body protection

Boot Cover

Bouffant Cap

bouffant cap for safety use

bouffant Protective cap for medical

bouffant Protective cap round type


Breathable Tape

C-Section Abdominal Cesarean Surgical Packs

Caesarean section drape

Cardiology Angiography Procedure Pack

Catheter Procedure Pack Cardiovascular Pack

Ce and ISO Bandage

Ce and ISO Certified Cohesive Bandage

Ce and ISO Certified Plaster

Ce ISO FDA Chemical Goggles

Ce ISO FDA Chemical Watch Cover

Ce&ISO&FDA Approved Non-Woven Scrub Suits

Ce/FDA/ISO Cotton Wool


Ce/FDA/ISO Sports Tape

Ce/FDA/ISO tape

Ce/ISO Approved Medicalcotton Ball

Certificated pE apron

Cheap Waterproof Adjustable PE Apron

chef cap made of paper

chef cap with paper

chemical protective coverall

chemical Type 5&6standard Coverall

chemistry Lab Coat

chemistry Protective Microporous Lab Coat

China Manufacturer Dental Bib

China Manufacturer General Surgical Pack

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Vench is  one of leading manufacturers and exporters of broad range of disposable medical products.


Our product range is expanding from normal disposable face mask, cap, gown, coverall, shoe cover to more various medical & safety products, such as medical cotton,medical bandage,medical…

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